Indianapolis, Indiana


Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative


Chris Dunlap, Curtis Hartsook, Paul Myhre, Todd Brown, Andy Frantz


Band Description

Classic Rock for the 21st Century. With a strong classic rock background, the band appeals to a broad cross section of listeners and has gained critical acclaim for their first album and live performances. Syndicated columnist, Nick DeRiso, wrote, "2 Taks Back, an Indianapolis, Indiana-based fivesome, offers no-frills rock on their new project Coming Home Again, music that’s unadorned in the very best old-school way... That’s an increasingly rare and welcome thing, in a world of popular music that’s become more about style than substance. Instead, 2 Taks Back has absorbed influences from across the classic-rock spectrum – and, in short order, fashioned them into a new sound." The band continues to expand it's fan base as they embark on their mission to take classic rock into the 21st century.


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